Employment Law: An Overview Of Employment Law

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Employment Law Overview Issues concerning employees will consume a large percentage of a small business principal’s time as well as that of management staff (who are also employees). It is the owner’s responsibility to be well-versed on employment laws pertinent to any given employment issue. Management personnel should also be trained to recognize issues that may be subject to application of employment laws, both federal and state. Owners and managers don’t have time learn and apply all the nuances of legal matters; besides, their time is far better spent focusing on running and growing the business. That’s why small to medium sized companies need outside representation from a law firm that specializes in employment law. CAEJ Law has a staff of specially trained attorneys in the field of employment law. They are equipped with expertise and experience to handle all employment related legal issues, including all of the following categories: 1. Human Resources: a. Policies: Company policy concerning human resources are set forth in detail in the Company Policy Manual, which can be drafted by CAEJ Law’s team of specialized attorneys. b. Compliance: Our employment law specialists have complete knowledge of all employment related federal, state and local laws and rules and are continuously updated with changes and additions on a daily basis. c.…show more content…
Owning your own business is the very essence of the American Dream. It is the heart and soul of entrepreneurism and is the best way to achieve success in your life. Notwithstanding, aside from all the hard work it takes to finally get the doors open, there is a plethora of legal issues needing attention. These legalities as part of your initial business formation are critical to the success of the business. This is where we come in, to assist you in making sure all I’s are dotted and all the T’s are crossed and more importantly, all the essential legal facets are

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