Employers Rights When It Comes to Workplace Privacy

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The article named “Workplace Privacy” discussed the topic in vivid detail while supplying logical statistics and claims. The debate is about supporters, who want rights in the workplace, as well as the critics, who believe it is important to monitor the workplace in order to eliminate potential problems. A poll was conducted in July of 2007; the results showed that nearly half of employers monitor workers emails alone. Additional evidence reveals that about a third of company’s assign an employee the task of monitoring workers. So far it seems as if the critics have been getting their way. This leaves supporters with an unanswered question, what rights should employers have when it comes to monitoring the workplace? When it comes to the workplace privacy debate, employees question what rights employers have pertaining to privacy. This means there is a fine line between supporters and critics. Debates on this subject are happening everyday in a large percentage of companies throughout the United States. Supporters mainly consist of standard employees in a company; they want the laws that apply to privacy outside of the workplace to work inside as well. The critics are mainly upper management in companies, they believe “It is absolutely essential for employers to monitor their workers closely in order to encourage productivity and suppress potential problems” (Workplace Privacy). This usually happens through monitoring emails, phone calls, and even Internet use. Some employers have taken it as far as punishing workers for their activities taken place off the clock. There is no law in place when it comes to workers privacy rights. According to “Workplace Privacy”, “disputes are resolved using some combination of federal, state and c... ... middle of paper ... ...ucial company information should always be monitored. Privacy in the workplace is a diverse subject; people have widely different views on what should happen. Laws should be in place for employees that protect them from companies using unreasonable private information for their own gain. This could increase workers loyalty and productivity, which would also benefit the company. Businesses should also be given the right to monitor their workers use of phones and computers in order to suppress potential problems. Companies should be required to monitor anything with sensitive information on it. If this was to happen, it could possibly give the supporters and critics of workplace privacy what they want. Works Cited “Workplace Privacy.” Issues & Controversies On File News Services, 21 Mar. 2008 Web. 14 May, 2008. < http://www.2facts.com/icof_story.aspx?PIN=i1300170>

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