Employee Turnover Case Study

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Employee Turnover
I have managed a McDonald 's for over 11 years. There are plenty of potential problems that I deal with daily. One of the biggest issues I have to deal with is turnover. With any job turnover is bound to happen. Especially in a fast paced job with high customer demands. There two sides to this argument involve the pros and cons of turnover. Not all turnover is considered bad, however it can become very expensive if turnover rate is extremely high. I plan to approach this problem in my project my looking into ways of retaining employees and finding ways to reduce turnover. My main objective is how turnover specifically relates to employee engagement and management leadership skills.
Management leadership behavior directly
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By giving direction and using problem solving skills to motivate the team to achieve goals will create an atmosphere where employee will feel inspired to work there in turn retain employees.
If an employee is happy it makes them want to stay at their current job regardless where they work. Crew appreciation is highly valuable and a key factor for employee retention. Establishing a recognition program can be very effective and would keep morale high.
"An increasingly important element of a positive work environment is the fostering of employee engagement. Engaged employees are not just satisfied with their work or loyal to the organization, but are energized about their contributions to the workplace and willing to go above and beyond their job description to contribute to the organization’s mission. A key component of engagement is that employees feel that the organization cares about and values their contributions."
This directly relates to two very important elements in my essay. One being that employees who are engaged are less likely to leave. The second point is that managers can impact these behaviors to foster employee
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Whether that means helping them finish high school, earn an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree or even learn English, our approach is to provide programs that meet people where they are today so they can achieve their goals tomorrow.("McDonald 's Archways to Opportunity",
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