Employee Training And Career Development

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Employee Training and Career Development Paper As well all know when it comes to every organization that is out there, each organization is looking and paying close attention to hire potential candidates that are well-trained as well as educated. One requirement that is now seen very closely once doing the whole hiring process is to make sure that these potential candidates are able as well as capable of perform different tasks that is in the job opening as well as being able to complete and acknowledge any type of goals that the organization has and what they are aiming for. One thing that we should all acknowledge is the fact that businesses are constantly changing and the only way of having employees in an organization and have them stay ahead and be able to adapt to changes is by being able to train them and that’s where all the development and training strategies kick in. It is very easy for employees and businesses to fall behind any type of skills and even training to do their job right and it’s up to the organization to stay in touch and ahead with all the training that employees need as well as development and most importantly career development because each one should be able to grow from where they have started in order to have the business as well grow. Doesn’t matter what industry the business is being held but it is very important that skills as well as training are being used for the overall success of the organization. Development is what is going to make employees grow and be able to acknowledge different areas that they may have not had a clue on. Development of each employee will only allow the business to succeed at the end and continue to have success. Training will and can always be a constant change dependi... ... middle of paper ... ... all know with a Business degree concentrated in Human Resource Management the opportunities out there are a lot. Being a military spouse I have had the opportunity to be a stay at home mother to my 9 month son and be able to achieve my goal of earning my bachelors. My plans follow to move back to our home state and be employed for a good company and be able to demonstrate all the skills and knowledge that I have gained from taking my classes and just have a career that my husband and my son will be proud of. I want my son to look up to his mother and have him understand the importance of education and how far it can really take you. I always will say how important it is to have knowledge of employee education as well as training for any type of job that is out there just because it’s a great way to direct old and new comers to the business to their right path.
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