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The ideas of employee’s participation and involvement have seen a developing enthusiasm from distinctive researchers and human resource management. Loudoun, Mcphail & Wilkinson (2009) states that employment relationship as the relationship between employer and employee over the terms and conditions of employment. According to, (2014), Behaviour and communication between an employee and their employer, especially relating to employees' rights and their happiness in their jobs. Employment relations has been described in various forms such as a legal contract, an exchange between buyer and seller and a distribution and delegation of authority reflecting the broad social structure of society (Dufty & Fells 1989). It is agreed that managers know their duties and responsibilities to achieve the end results within the organisation. As they get paid for their task, they can achieve their targets well if there is no interference or involvement from top managers. Analysing the involvement of managers in decision making, productivity and employee commitment will prove the employee relationship within the organisation.
Firstly, most companies strive to employ and maintain productive employees in their organizations. Productive workers concoct new plans and strategies to empower the organisation get by in this tumultuous economic sate . According to Robinson (2004), productivity is an execution measure that incorporates both effectiveness and viability. Effective and high performing "organisations have a society that supports employee inclusion thus employees are additionally ready to get included in objective setting, choice-production or critical thinking exercises that brings about higher worker execution" (Rob...

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...hat, but because they have passion and commitment towards the task. All this can only be achieved if companies can take the initiative and involve employees in decision-making, goal formulation and policy formulation of the company. Employee commitment is vital for mangers and they should free to manage without interference.
The relationship between an employee and a manger is important for an organisation to run effectively and smoothly. Perhaps, it is agreed that it is most sensitive areas to achieve productivity, decision making and employee commitment. As might be expected, insensitivity in this area can erode employee trust for the organisation, which can be resulted in the ways of unionisation. The most important strategies for the organisations for effective and efficient functioning are the development of sound employee relationships within the organisation.
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