Employee Performance Management Pros And Cons

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The purpose of this essay is to determine whether measuring employee performance is all pros and no cons. Performance appraisal is considered as an important management tool in many countries (Milliman, Nason, Zhu & Ciery, 2002). According to Kazan and Gumus (2013), “Kaplan and Norton (2001) define the performance assessment as "a planned tool which is integrating the success of individual at a given task, his attitude and behaviors at work, his moral conditions and characteristics, and assessing employee's contributions to the success of the organization".” In other words, employee’s weak and strong points, trainings needed, future predictions can be recognized by performance appraisal (Milliman et al., 2002). There are a lot of different performance measurement systems. Lam and Schaubroeck (1999) stated that there are traditional performance appraisal and a more current one called TQM (Total Quality Management). From traditional perspective, appraisal is measuring individual results rather than the overall system. It is assumed that individual is capable and responsible to influence the way things are done in a company. On the other hand, TQM stressed the importance of system rather than individuals.
Organizational Behavior Human Resource Management (OBHRM) especially employee performance measurement has been research accordingly to organizational psychology and human resource management principles.


The objectives of measuring performance of employees are to motivate employees, provide feedback, fairness in structure of organization and equal opportunities, support employees and help them to improve themselves (Griffith (2003); Key (2003) as cited in Kazan and Gumus (2013)). According to...

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...t be the same with employee cutbacks. Managers who make decision should discuss with managers who measure the employee performance. In addition, Zatzick, Zhao and Tingling (2014) also stated that managers that will decide which employee will be dismissed must also discuss with managers responsible for recruiting because “to avoid mistakes such as “last in, first out,” hiring managers are in the best position to know whether the most recent hires have the cutting-edge skills companies need most and therefore are the ones most difficult to replace.”
“Employees are more satisfied with a system in which the supervisors, in addition to evaluating their results, involve them in seeking improvements to the work process” (Lam and Schaubroeck, 1999).

To sum up, measuring employee performance is not always advantageous. As stated above, performance measurement
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