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What is employee engagement? Employee engagement is an approach that is designed to ensure that employees in an organization are committed to the company goals and values, are motivated to contribute to the success of the business, and are able to enhance their own sense of well-being. The more that an employee is engaged with their company or organization, the more effort they will put into their work. Employees need to feel mentally stimulated, in addition to this trust and good communication between management and employee is very important. Employees need to see that their hard work counts for something and that their efforts contribute to the overall performance of the company and organization. If they see that their efforts go unnoticed and do not feel a sense of worth in the organization, they will become disengaged and work will suffer, and turnover will increase. The loss of key employees in an organization can be detrimental to a company and its goals for success. This research paper will explain the importance of employee engagement, and what are the best was to keep employees engaged and re-engaged those that are feeling disengaged. Employee Engagement “Research has shown that four out of ten workers are disengaged globally. According to the State of America Workplace Report, seventy percent of United States workers do not like their jobs and are disconnected from their workplace.” – Forbes According to Gallup “low employee engagement is costing US organizations dearly.” Some results listed by Gallup indicate: • Absenteeism is 37% worse for organizations with disengaged workers compared to engaged. • Turnover is 65% worse for organizations in industries considered “low –turnover” and 25% worse in industries... ... middle of paper ... ...gs individual and organizational success. Human Resource Management International Digest, 22(1), 34. Luthans, F., & Peterson, S. J. (2002). Employee engagement and manager self-efficacy. Journal of Management Developement, 376-387. Millar, G. (2012). Employee Engagement - a new paradigm. Human Resource Mangement International Digest, 20(2), 3-5. Rhone, Y. (2014). Manager, People & Learning Design. (L. Gonzalez, Interviewer) Roark, P. (2013, 09). Employee Engagement. Leadership Excellence, 30(9), 25. Seigts, G., & Crim, D. (2006). What engages employees the most or, the ten C's of employee engagement. Ivey Business Journal, 70. Vorhauser-Smith, S. (2013, 8 14). Forbes. Retrieved from How the Best Places to Work are Nailing Employee Engagement: http://www.forbes.com/sites/sylviavorhausersmith/2013/08/14/how-the-best-places-to-work-are-nailing-employee-engagement

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