Employee Engagement Plan

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Employee Engagement Plan Employee engagement plan will consist of five strategies. The following strategies included will be decision making, creating a knowledge sharing system, training/learning activates, creativity professional business meetings and employee coaching. Employee engagement within the company is important because it creates better productivity. Corporation whose employees are engaged perform better than companies whose employees are not over by 200%. Employees who become more engaged within the company is more likely to stay. The first strategy of employee engagement plan will be decision making. Employees will be able to voice their opinion on certain subjects within the company. Employees will able to provide feedback on …show more content…

This strategy will be beneficial not only to employees, but also for the company because it helps reduce company compliances. The third strategy will be training/ learning activities. Employees will receive extensive training to prepare them for their desire position. Training will consist of activities that will help employees learn the material and technology better. Employees will be given an assessment at the end of training to test their knowledge and give them feedback on how they can improve. The fourth strategy will be employee coaching. Managers will provide employees with feedback on their performance, attendance, benefits, knowledge, and opportunities within the business to grow. Coaching sessions will be a great strategy for employees. It will make the employees feel like the company cares about their success. Once employees become comfortable, they will want to be more involved, expand their knowledge, and growth in the organization. The company will benefit for this strategy also because more engage employees will help marketing increase. The last strategy in the employee engagement plan will consist of creative professional business meetings. Instead of having the normal long and boring meetings, managers and employees will be able to have fun and learn in a creative ways. Manager will schedule a team meeting each month that allows employee to show their knowledge and creativity all in one. Employees can share problems that they may encountered which will allow Managers and employees to open up a discussion for finding a solution. This strategy will make employees more excited to learn new things and help the company

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