Employee Engagement?: How Health Impacts Engagement?

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Employee’s what every business owner dreams of. In an ideal world, all businesses would have employees who are cheerful 24/7, optimistic about their jobs and passionate about producing quality work. But the reality is, it doesn’t always happen. Not because these employees are bad people, but because sometimes life gets in the way. People become overwhelmed by personal responsibilities, and as a result, their work may suffer. It doesn’t make them the worst employees in the world. It just means you need to find creative ways to motivate them. The good news is there are solutions. You can turn a good employee into a great one through multimedia wellness solutions, and here’s how… How Health Impacts Engagement You’ve probably…show more content…
The more energetic you feel, the more work you’ll get done. When we’re tired, or feeling sluggish, we tend to move at a slower pace. Offering your employees wellness solutions that could effect their energy levels will inevitably effect the quality of their work in a very good way. • Less Turnover: If you’re employees are always sick, it’s kind of hard for the accompany to achieve financial goals. If you’re employees are always calling out sick, or quitting because of health issues than you are losing money. There’s no two ways around it. Healthier employees result in better work productivity in the long run. • Dream Team: Many wellness apps promote a sense of community amongst coworkers. You want your employees to get along. When employees get along, it creates an environment for creativity. Employees are more wiling to work with their teammates and find it easier to bounce off ideas from one another. Additionally, social support is really important when it comes to getting fit. When you’re employees feel as though “they’re all in this together,” they’ll be more likely to take your wellness program…show more content…
Before you can actively find a solution, you need to know the root cause of the problem. Some people believe employees who aren’t engaged are just lazy. But it actually goes a little bit deeper than that. Here are some common reasons why your employees could be struggling. • They’re Simply Too Busy: Your employees would probably love to take part in your wellness program, but they’re inundated with work. It kind of takes the fun out of being engaged with you’re constantly swamped with excessive deadlines and mounds of work. Wellness gets particularly tricky when your employees travel. So it must be your priority to design programs that have an anytime anywhere approach. • Doesn’t Suit Their Lifestyle: Just as some people have their favorite food, color or TV show, they may also have particular ways that they prefer to work on wellness. For some, it’s yoga, for others it’s through wellness apps. It’s your job as the employer to figure out multiple solutions that will suit a variety of needs and
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