Employee Engagement Case Study

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Management Topic: Organizations that understand and utilize employee engagement strategies are recruiting and retaining employees more effetely. Case Study: Doherty, R. (2010). Making employee engagement an end-to-end practice. Strategic HR Review, 9(3), 32-37. doi:http://dx.doi.org.ezproxy.umuc.edu/10.1108/14754391011040055 This case study examines how employee engagement , attract, recruit and retention can combined with technology to create an end-to-end (from the begin to the end) engagement practice. The case study uses a practical approach to explain how employee engagement, attraction and retention can be very effective when combined with technology , no matter the what the size of the organization is. The study provided guidance…show more content…
(2014). Job enrichment as determinant of employee engagement. Review of HRM, 3, 140-146 The article discuss how important employee engagement is to a organization and how job enrichment plays an import role in employee engagement. It provided 7 ways that job enrichment helps employee engagement as well as 9 recommendations to improving employee engagement. I use this article because this was the only article that discussed job enrichment having a role in employee engagement. And this is the only article that brings up the fact that globalization has been the reason organizations are focusing on employee engagement. The author is not very knowable about this subject per say, but she does has knowledge in the business administration, which could be why she was able see that job enrichment and employee engagement complaint each…show more content…
M., & Turgut, T. (2015). The buzzword: Employee engagement. does person-organization fit contribute to employee engagement? Iranian Journal of Management Studies, 8(2), 157-179. The purpose of this paper was to look at the relationship between person-organization fit and employee engagement as well as organizational engagement scale (OES). In the study employee engagement is divided into two dimensions: work engagement and organizational engagement. To measure organizational engagement was measured by a 15-item Organizational Engagement Scale, that the authors created. They provide participants a questionnaire and evaluated the results measuring them with the OES. The results showed that person - organization contributed to work and organizational engagement, but person-organizational fit to organizational engagement contribution was more powerful. The research used participants from 3 different work sectors in Turkey that consisted with employees from different ages groups, sex and profession. This article has been that only article I have read so far that has used so many participant and with so many

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