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Sandra S. Robertson was employee of Hunter panels LLC, for six years. During the employment at this organization, she dealt with a wide range of insults and jokes from her shipping supervisor, and other employees. Sandra was a former member of the military and a 20 year veteran who retired as a master sergeant in the year 2004, where she then became an employee of this organization. She received a promotion in October 2006, and that is when the harassment began (Silver, 2015). She explained to upper management that she was being targeted and was subjected to dealing with criticism and harassment from her shipping supervisor and felt that even with making reports against it and complaining of the harassment, management allowed it to continue…show more content…
As mentioned by the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (2015), the organization is liable for harassment by a supervisor, that results in cases such as loss of wages, failure for promotion, and termination. Laws have been implemented specifically to protect the rights of employees in the workplace regardless of age, race, color, religion, and disability. Employers must be knowledgeable with different measures necessary to avoid offensive conditions, and conduct, that employees may regard as hostile, intimidating or abusive. In addition, anti-discrimination laws prohibit retaliation against any employee (EEOC,…show more content…
Robertson by placing her to work in an environment that was hostile. They also found that the organizations retaliated against her for her complaints of discrimination and as a result terminated her for it. The jurors awarded Mrs. Robertson roughly $13.5 million in damages and pay (Pennsylvania Verdicts, 2015). In this case the verdict seems right, no employee should be subjected to the environment that Mrs. Robertson was forced to deal with. Organization can learn a lot from this case; hopefully this case will serve as a guide on how organizations need to address different types of scenarios or situations that arise in hopes of aligning their actions with the law, and protecting

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