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The objective of this essay is to look into the effects of sharing salary information amongst other employees. The main focus of this case study was looking closely to how an employee named Mary whom, had devoted her time and energy to a company in hopes of doing well on her first review. The twist to the story is that after doing well with the review, she runs into a coworker named Sue, that is eager to know the details of the review, but in the midst of the conversation the coworker spills the beans on her salary prior to the review. It is apparent from the passage that Mary was displeased to know that Sue had a higher starting salary than she did. Attitude Before and After. Before Mary had her quick run in with her coworker Sue her morale was upbeat. Just within…show more content…
It may also be dependent if Mary can financially afford to leave at that particular moment. From how she reacted, she seemed to be reacting to the circumstances. Mary in my opinion should remain calm about the information that she just received. Yes, it is terrible to find out that someone with less experience is making more than you. At first she will need to get over the shock value. Once she realizes that this was the companies’ decision she can only then refocus on what her next move will be. Maybe now that she has more experience she may apply for a higher position within the company. If this is not feasible, than an alternative is to see if she can get further certifications that can help her by asking for an additional increase in salary prior to the next annual review. If she intended this job to be a stepping stone for her next career move, she may also look into what other job opportunities exist outside of her workplace. It may be time for her to explore what other opportunities are out there, but before quitting the job making sure that she has something else in

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