Employability Application Form

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Competency based questions

For each of the following questions, please give a specific example that relates to how you have developed your skill in this area. The word limit is a maximum of 200 words per question.

Question 1: Describe a time when you have worked as part of a team. What role did you play and what challenges did you overcome?

In the last year of my schooling in grade 12, I was given a task along with three other boys to visit all the junior classes and collect information from the juniors about how the school teachers have helped them outside their classrooms and what extra had the faculty done that year to help the students. At first some boys were hesitant to speak upon this matter. So there was another task standing in front of me which was to tell everyone not to feel afraid and tell the truth as it would help to improve the faculty for the coming year. I was given this job because I have always had a nice bond with all the juniors of my school. The next day as all the boys gave their reports, my team was very impressed with my work because everyone had provided us with the right kind of information. The next day when our group did the final checking of the reports we found out that the number of reports received was the most as compared to the previous years.

Question 2: Describe a time you have had to organize something – a project, an event or a group of people. How did you plan and prioritize tasks?

A month after the examinations of class 12 were over, my friends wanted to have a reunion before getting into college. I volunteered to organise the entire meet alone. My first aim was to prioritise the list of most important things to take care and then carry on with the rest. Firstly I mad...

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... career option for me in the future because I was always good with my accounts and math. Finance has always interested me because as a kid I would see my dad handling the business as well as the business accounts. He would always tell me that accounting is a very important part of business and every business man should be well informed about that department of finance. I think finance is suitable for me because I enjoy playing with numbers and have good analytic skills. I have always been interested in public accounting as I am a very outgoing person. According to me having done accounts you are in a better position than most of the other people working around you. It also compliments other professions regarding money. Studying finance has always been motivating because of my dad and I see him as my idle hence I get to observe a lot thus gaining a lot experience.

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