Empiricism and Rationalism: Searching for God and Truth

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We live in a time where everyone is searching for a reason to believe in something, there have posters and advertisement stating that “Only Prayer Can Save America”. Well if prayer can save us then there is only one question left to be answered. Who are we praying to? What are we praying for? God is the almighty, the creator of everything and without him there would be no world and no us. But many people seem to question if He really exist. In the world there are many streams of philosophy that have argued the existence of God, Platonism, naturalism, Aristotelianism, realism, empiricism, and rationalism they have even tried to convince nonbelievers about the defensibility and validity of God. But regardless of the findings it has always been an individual’s choice of what to believe and who to believe in. There has also been a perception about a greater power that has many searching for proof. The existence of God for some philosophers have fueled a many arguments that to this today still have not been answered. The two streams I will discuss are Empiricism, and Rationalism. The empiricist is trying to find sense in their primary path to knowledge, while rationalist look for other ways to acquire knowledge for reason on why things are happening, even though they have different beliefs they are still searching for truth and a reason for believing in God or a god. When I first heard about these two streams I wondered what did these have to do with God anyway. But it hit me, there are people (empiricist) in the world that believe that if you can’t see it, touch it, smell it, or hear it isn’t real the empiricist rely on the five senses to uncover the truth. “Empiricism” is a theory about knowledge that emphasizes the role of exp... ... middle of paper ... ...hange their minds, we can only follow the path that God has set for us and make the decision that is right for us. Because being a Christian is faith and it demands uncompromising truth. No belief system is above inquiry, and in matters of faith the only belief worth having is a true one (Come Reason Ministries, 1999). Works Cited Is There Such A Thing As Rational Faith. (1999). Retrieved from http://www.comereason.org/resources/articles/rationalfaith.pdf Nash, R. H. (1999). Life’s Ultimate Questions: An introduction to philosophy. Grand Rapids, MI.: Zondervan. Sunlyk, P. (n.d.). Locke, Hume, Empiricism and the existence of God. Retrieved from http://www.tektonics.org/guest/pslockhume.htm “Biblical Empiricism” And the Existence of God. (2011). Retrieved from http://www.pleaseconvinceme.com/index/%E2%80%9CBiblical_Empiricism%E2%80%9D_And_The_Existence_of_God

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