Empirical Data Results

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In this chapter the researcher is presenting the empirical data gathered from the interviews which combines the qualitative and quantitative information. Moreover the analysis, opinions and recommendations will follow this chapter.

Qualitative Information:


Aptara was founded in 1988 to provide the digital publishing services to book publishers and employs 4000 employees while having the headquarters in Washington D.C. Their digital publishing services include scanning & digitalising, swift data entry, content conversion, OCR applications, digital recording and imaging etc. In addition to Amazon they have a large number of customers such as Pearsons education, Cambridge university press, Wiley Blackwell, Oxford university press, Random House, Microsoft and Motorola etc. Furthermore, they also offer low cost and highly professional services to convert the books into different formats for making its availability on e readers such as Amazon Kindle, Sony and ipod etc. Based on its quality services in e-book production Aptara has been certified by ISO 2700:2005 and ISO 9001:2008. Therefore, 52% of book publishers believe that the quality services of Aptara have been enabling them to make their profits double. Moreover, Brown & Co which was founded in 1775 and is the oldest printing company in New York stock exchange has made a contract of $29 million with Aptara for data and content conversion. Furthermore, Aptara has earned a huge popularity for transferring the children’s books being produced by Candlewick press and Walker books to Amazon Kindle.

Code Mantra:

Code Mantra is an American based company which is located in Philadelphia and it was established in 2002. It provides very unique services for e-book production su...

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...ech has been providing landmark contribution in e-book publishing and content conversion which covers education, retailing, trading and security industry. Moreover, they offer as well the 24 hour support for LAN, Wan and networking resources etc. Their clients include Blackwell publishing, Harvard university press, Mcgrawhill, Greenwood publishing, and Columbia university press etc. Since 2001 they have been transforming the book publishing by electronically transferring the contents to e readers such as Amazon Kindle, Sony and iPod etc. Recently Harvard Business School press who are the partner of Amazon has appointed Textech for digitalizing their reading material for cutting their printing and storing cost. For reducing the publishing costs by 35% Textech has fixed an application of HP aio 600 which has increased their revenues almost to three folds during 2010.
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