Empire Island

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The fires were burning low as the Beya clan was bedding down for the night. Amongst the leaves of the tree's branches, the rustling of large animals could be heard, accompanied by piercing screeches and roars. The pteranodons were nestled into the branches, only venturing out when hunting. On one of the larger branches, a slim figure was feeding a scarlet and blue pteranodon. The woman, Kachina Song-falcon, grinned as the pteranodon snapped up the chunk of meat she had carried up from the base of the tree, and spoke softly to the creature. “Deer meat always was your favourite, wasn't it?” Kachina had tracked down the deer herself, secretly. It was a clean and humane kill. There was little blood, struggle and sound. The reptilian creature, with its long snout, filled with sharp teeth, and with four piercing eyes, gently hissed in agreement. It then gave a gentle head nudge, which, if she were not used to it, Kachina would have fallen over. Kachina sliced through a thick liana with her knife and drank clear and slightly sweet water from the dangling vine before passing the vine to the pteranodon. It then proceeded to spread its wings, and take off with eagerness to resettle in the treetop. Also amidst the vines and moss, but far enough out of reach of the pteranodon, pygmy bats roosted. Kachina made a high-pitched clicking sound between tongue and teeth, and several of the Pygmy bats fluttered down toward her. She held out some small fruits she has picked on the trail yesterday, and the Pygmy bats perched on her arm and shoulders, munching noisily. Having done her daily visit, Kachina proceeded to start the trek down the spiralling rows of internal branches that formed a stairwell up the massive tree. As she descended, voices of... ... middle of paper ... ...ed out a feral roar of rage. He jumped toward the assailant. Colliding with their hard exoskeleton armour, Enapy rolled away from the downed Skin-Walker. Determined to strike quickly, two more Yoma warriors ran toward the Skin-walker, hoping to destroy its head. However, the speed of the Skin-walker's recovery astounded them. As they had charged, the Skin-walker had regained a standing position, and had positioned itself to deliver a death blow, as he flew toward its outstretched fist without being able to avoid it. The moment fist and head met, the Yoma warrior's mind exploded in a whirlwind of extreme, brief pain, and then faded into the blackness of death. Having killed only a few of the Skin-Walkers, Helaku ordered the warriors to retrieve their fallen comrades, and retreated. Before a response could be mounted by the Skin-Walkers, the Beya warriors had vanished.

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