Emphasize The Importance Of Continuing Medical Knowledge Through Continuing Medical Education And Knowledge

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Marsha: 1. Discuss how most clinicians gain new medical knowledge through continuing medical education and reading but point out the obvious challenges. Clinicians typically gain new medical knowledge through Continuing Medical Education (CME) and reading however, challenges exist. When clinicians are invited to an evening conference, it is typically used to socialize and unwind from the workplace. Therefore, there it is rarely the most appropriate atmosphere to provide new information to clinicians about products etc. “Much CME is provided free by pharmaceutical companies with their inherent biases” (Hoyt, Bailey, & Yoshihashi, 2014, p. 325). Clinicians that are interested in gaining more knowledge regarding products, technology, medication,…show more content…
We usually have the same pharmaceutical reps that visit once a month so there usually is not much change in the product therefore; this is not an effective way for physicians to stay on top of pharmaceutical changes. 2. Emphasize the importance of medication safety and the “five rights”. Expand on medication error facts and why they have not been reduced medication errors. The five rights were implemented to assist in reducing the number of patients that have been a victim of a preventable medication error. The five rights are “the right patient, the right drug, the right time, the right dose, and the right route” (Grissinger, 2010, para 2). Prior to administering a medication, asking or checking the patient’s identification bracelet would assist in ensuring the right patient would be receiving the medication. Double-checking to make sure that the medication prescribed is the medication that will be administered since there are many medications that have similar spellings. If a patients medication has been prescribed qid (four times a day), double-checking when the patient received his or her last dose is pertinent to ensure the patient is not getting it too soon. Many medications come in different milligrams…show more content…
Explain possible limitations in the current technologies such as inadequate quality reporting by electronic health records. Although electronic health records (EHRs) have proven to be more beneficial than paper-based medical records, there are limitations, which could constrain a patient receiving appropriate care or treatment in a timely care. When a facility transitions from paper-based medical records to an electronic system, it must first be determined how the data from the patient’s old chart will be transferred into the electronic chart. Many facilities opt to scan the patient’s medical records in and other elect to input the data in by hand. Then there is the question of how much of a patient’s record should be transferred. According to the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) (2010), “Scanning too much information will impede the provider workflow. Providers will not be able to easily locate pertinent information on the patient with multiple pages and entries to review” (para 13). Therefore, having too much information scanned into the database will cause the physicians search for a specific detail longer. Another situation that may arise when data has been scanned into the record is it can become illegible which could result in a diagnosis error. When manually entering the medical information into a patient’s EHR, there could be “typographical entry errors” which may be a result of rushing to get information in, illegible chart notes,

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