Empathy In Saving Mr. Banks

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811 words

“It’s not the children she comes to save, it’s their father.” In Saving Mr. Banks, Walt Disney says this as he finally proves to P.L Travers that he is worthy of adapting the stories of Mary Poppins to film. In a tender scene, the power of empathy is fully displayed as the two finally are able to connect on a deep and meaningful level. An interesting coincidence, considering Mr. Banks for a bulk of the film he is incapable of empathy. Mr. Banks, a central character in Walt Disney’s “Mary Poppins”, initially lacks the essential ability to express empathy and vulnerability but through embracing vulnerability, he develops the skills to gain a more meaningful and whole-hearted connection with his children. For example, Mr. Banks is quick to blame …show more content…

Banks is convinced Mary Poppins is at fault for every problem he has face since her appearance: “It's that woman Mary Poppins. From the moment she stepped into this house, things began to happen to me!... I realize it now. She tricked me into taking Jane and Michael to the bank. That's how all the trouble started.” Again and again, Mr. Bank re-directs his discomfort at his wife and Mary Poppins because he is unable to hold the true person at fault accountable, which is himself. Mr. Banks is a terrible father, who neglects his children and imposes ridiculous disciplinary regulations upon them, resulting in his children misbehaving in hopes to gain his attention. Mr. Banks struggles to hold himself accountable because he is unable to fully connect with his family and communicate his feelings. He lacks the fundamental ability to embrace vulnerability with himself, and therefore unable to embrace vulnerability and empathy with his family. Brown’s research confirms this idea because she finds those who enjoy blaming are often unable to actually hold those at fault accountable, and thus are unable to be vulnerable. Although, all hope is not lost for Mr. …show more content…

Banks is unable to build a connection and fully recognize the perspective of his children because he is completely enclose in his own ideology: “A British bank is run with precision. A British home requires nothing less. Tradition, discipline and rules must be the tools. Without them, disorder, catastrophe, anarchy. In short you have a ghastly mess.” As shown, he is focus on bestowing the values and ideals of a banker onto his children with no consideration of the children’s own ideas. Due to his close-mindedness, he is unable to refrain from judgement which is the second quality of empathy. Overall, in his initial state he is incapable being

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how walt disney proves to p.l. travers that he is worthy of adapting mary poppins' stories to film in saving mr. banks.
  • Analyzes how mr. banks blames others for his problems in "the power vulnerability." he avoids his children's behavior and resumes control by reflecting his feelings as blame towards others.
  • Analyzes how mr. banks is a terrible father who neglects his children and imposes ridiculous disciplinary regulations on them, resulting in misbehaving in hopes to gain his attention.
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