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I am the patient, is an article that sends a very strong message. This article reminded me of the video we watched in Clinicals called “Empathy: Exploring Human Connection” that was made by the Cleveland Clinic. After reading this article, it made me think about how important it is to treat our patients with high quality care, but to also treat them as a human being. Although they are our patients, we have to keep in mind that they are also someone else’s father, a mother, daughter, sister, and hero. It is understandable that patient information should be confidential, but health care workers should also understand that they have to be aware of the nicknames that are used to label a patient. As a matter of fact, if a patient can hear healthcare…show more content…
Patients don’t know what it is like at home for their healthcare workers, and workers don’t know what is going through a patient’s life. With that being said, it relates to this article because it is important to keep in mind that everyone should be treated with respect. In the article, the patient also repetitively stressed how he/she is worried about being alone, how he/she is worried about the bills, and about the quality of care that is given to them. It made me feel as if our health care industry is focused more on being a profitable industry and quantity versus quality. There are a lot of places that have a high demand of patients, but low supply of health care workers and so their ratio is much more than they can handle. I think that this makes a huge impact in how patients in the healthcare industry are being taken care of. I feel that people may start out in this lifestyle thinking that they can provide quality care, and end up providing quantity services to meet the needs of every patient that they have. It makes me fear what it is like out there in the real…show more content…
First off, I would like to recommend a better patient to healthcare worker ratio. The patient stress the importance of healthcare workers spending quality time with the patients. I find that by improving the ratios so that the demand for help and the supply would be a good balance for healthcare workers to spend/give each patient the care that they need. This is also beneficial for the healthcare workers because they’ll get to know that patient more, they’ll have the chance to actually hear what the patient wants, and it’ll help prevent burnout. This is beneficial for the facility overall because having healthy workers would mean that they can provide better services to the patients. That would make the patients happy, and so that they would come back the next time. My second suggestion would be to teach the faculty the importance of being aware. It is critical to be aware, especially in the healthcare industry. Workers who are aware of cultural differences, who are aware of their surroundings as well as aware of how they say certain things to their patients can really save them from offending a patient. Being aware, will show the patients that the workers cares for them. Having awareness allows patients to be more open to the healthcare workers and make them more comfortable. When a patient is

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