Empathy Characteristics

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The first trait that comes to mind describing who I am would most certainly have to be empathy. Over the years empathy has been a defining characteristic of who I am as an individual. This certain trait just happens to be in collaboration with all including my friends, myself, and the strengths assessment, making this trait one of the most important. It is said that I use empathy widely among the interactions and communications I have with others. In one of my worksheets for understanding myself, my best friend Austin stated, “You can sense others emotions and often relate to anyone.” This is also backed up by the strengths assessment which states “You can feel what they are feeling as though their feelings are your own.” Within…show more content…
I use empathy every day in my life. I try my best to mediate between my friends arguments as often as my emotions allow me. I see myself as a relator and a helper. In all cases such as my friend’s opinions, my own opinions, and the strengths analysis this characteristic is the one that truly related to the bigger aspects of my personality. I contemplate actually empathizing with others and sometimes wonder why I continue to do it even when it’s difficult for me. Regardless this is a prime example of Intrapersonal Communication, or according to Floyd, the communication with myself. It is said that ‘intrapersonal communication is important because it often affects how we relate to others; how often, for instance, do you rehearse a conversation in your mind before talking with someone?” (Floyd, 22) Context seems to be another that relates with my personality. Agreed upon by both parties this is a great trait that brings with is a great deal of self-monitoring. Self-monitoring is a person aware of their behavior and how it affects others. (Floyd, 27) I use my context to self-reflect because I know that my past affects how people see me. This brings into play reflects appraisal. According to ‘Interpersonal Communication’ this is the process whereby a person’s self-concept is influenced by his or her beliefs concerning what other people think of the person. (Floyd, 78) I…show more content…
Many of my traits were open, or known to myself and those around me. As I stated before the use of my empathy and my context were no surprise to my friends nor the strengths assessment. I was surprised that my dependability and introvert personality were not noticed as the assessment stated I was individualized and I am not very independent nor capable of certain aspects of that trait. There are also things that I was unable to recognize as I reflected using the information from all my friends. I found that while restorative was open, it also became blind. While some friends and the strengths assessment agreed that I was restorative, some and I did not. I, according to one of my best friends, “have enough of my own problems to solve anyone else’s.” I can agree to his statement. However, it seems that on my Johari Window I decided that this was the one that belonged in more than one box. Another one that landed in the blind was “Cry baby”. This was a term used by my friends to communicate to me that I let things get to me too often. Before this assignment I was unable to concur with this belief, but I am now able to agree. It surprises me how even though all my characteristics can overlap and work with each other, they can so easily be placed in separate Johari boxes and defined as known or un-known to myself and others. Regardless I believe it’s a great way for intrapersonal communication and
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