Empathy Case Study

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When social workers initiate the first engagement with the client, it becomes crucial to identify the problems and to seek out the factors. As the client has started their first steps to their rehabilitation for a better way of life, the first interactions of the social worker can impact the life changes of the client. Though the client has come forward to face their problems, it is the support the client receives and understandings that can push for progress in their lives. Meanwhile many clients come from different paths of life and cultures, it is significant to have empathy in them in order to continue their progress through their struggles. When a social worker has empathy in order to see the creation of their problem, one can sympathize…show more content…
In the study of Gerdes and Segal (2011) focuses on the what is believed one of the important bodies of work and one of the most important new field of social-cognitive neuroscience, and its implications for social work practice. Moreover, the finding in their research give empirical support on empathy in social interactions. Obstacles As Joseph began his initial contact with a social worker to improve his lifestyle, there are many obstacles present that one must overcome. As he is a gay male, and although has bruises as a social worker we cannot assume, but always keep an open mind on why he is there for low-income housing instead of help to get away from an abusive relationship where Marcus still may be going with him. As Joseph is a Jewish American Naomi Mark (2008) describes the culture as they highly value physical and sexual modesty; while married heterosexual activity is encouraged,…show more content…
As one can begin to feel for the client and to put themselves in their shoes, a social worker can be more effective in getting the clients’ needs met. In the study of Gerdes and Segal (2011) they concluded that “social work practitioners need to develop their own empathetic abilities to enhance their effectiveness with clients and to protect themselves with compassion or practice fatigue and burnout”. This shows that as a social work can get a client like Joseph who may be facing many problems, having empathy not only can help the client in getting the help need, but for the social worker to not get exhausted in the case. Moreover, as a social worker is engaging with a client such as Joseph who shows signs of other problems, but is not indicating them listening in the assessment and critically thinking can be essential. “The ability to carefully listen is critical in social work skill because you want to hear the client’s situation as she or he has experienced it, which might be different form your expectations” (Birkenmaier & Weger, 2013). This shows that as Joseph might be there for the help in low-income housing, they might also be there to seek other help that the client does not know how to present. In the case of Joseph showing up with bruises might be a sign of him wanting the social worker to view them and to observe them in order to seek help
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