Emotions And Brain Chemistry Essay

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Our Emotions and Their Relationship with Brain Chemistry In our lives we experience many and different types of emotions. But ultimately we must ask ourselves “What Is The Correlation Between Emotions and Brain Chemistry (A.K.A. What is the relationship between emotions and our brain’s actions/activities)?” To understand this we must know what emotions really are, Their original use, what happens in one’s brain during an emotional event, and all the mental effects of emotions to fully understand what the correlation between emotions and brain chemistry is. To start we ask what really are emotions? In all truthfulness emotions are really just compound and complex thoughts in your brain and the emotions anyone is feeling now is just an emotional state consisting of multiple emotions and other thoughts. Emotions are also more complex than this statement suggests. Almost everything is emotional; examples of this are that colors are more emotional than black and white along with things that are personal or close to us they are emotional rather than those that are not. Opinions are also very emotional an example is you think poorly of others especially if they have made you mad, angry, sad, or irritated but you think highly of others if they make you happy, joyous, needed, or smart. To continue with this thought of learning about emotions we shall transfer to the original use of them. The original use was the fight or flight mechanic of evolution to survive. Such as the use of dopamine our source of happiness its actual purpose is to use the reward-learning process which is when one does something good and then rewarded with a happy feeling so that want to do it again and again. Pain and anxiety are another example and serve the unple... ... middle of paper ... ...und thoughts. Their purpose to make sure we survive to the next day through fight or flight. The way an emotions are processed is that right brain identifies then left brain decides logically what to do and uses the sympathetic nervous system to relay it's response and the GABA keeps it in control. The mentality of emotions consists of memory of which your emotions are also stored in, decision-making which includes the emotions in your memory in the decision-making, the thoughts,opinions in the brain, and the attention span are also are affected by your emotional state. Thus based on your emotional states and experiences your brain chemistry will behave towards the best interest of surviving to the next day even though this is different for each person the emotions one is experiencing and how their brain reacts is the correlation between brain chemistry and emotions.

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