Emotionally Intelligent Nurse Essay

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1) An example of an emotionally intelligent nurse would be a nurse who shows empathy and sensitivity towards a patient who just became aware of his diagnosis of cancer. She acknowledges the patient’s emotions and is aware of certain things she should and should not say during this time. In contrast, being cognitively intelligent doesn’t involve an emotional aspect and focuses primarily on knowledge. An example would be describing the type of cancer the patient has or discussing treatment options before giving the patient time to process the situation and/ or ask how he is feeling. In my opinion, being emotionally intelligent is one of the keys to holistic care but unfortunately there are times where the nurse may be emotionally underdeveloped. In situations like this, the patients and families’ care is ultimately put at risk. If a nurse isn’t aware how to be sensitive to a patient during a time of need, the patient may interpret this as the nurse not…show more content…
Being an advocate for your patient
10. Having mental and physical endurance
A. There are many actions that can improve patient care, but a few examples may include: proper aseptic technique, “using ultrasound to guide the placement of central lines, paying more attention to treatment and prevention efforts for people who develop blood clots” (Skerrett, 2013), making sure the bed is in the lowest position and the call light is within reach before leaving the room, or even something on the opposite end would be making sure the nurses are not overworked.
B. Some creative ways to prevent errors in the clinical setting could be creating a written checklist to follow before performing certain invasive procedures. Another creative way to avert errors could be to host monthly meetings to discuss common occurring errors and ways to prevent these from happening. In addition to this, signs that indicate basic safety precautions can be updated to provide more information and enhance awareness of the most current clinical

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