Emotional Intelligence: The Importance Of Emotional Intelligence

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Nowadays, not only is a person’s intelligence (IQ) important but also his or her emotional intelligence is useful. Emotional intelligence says a great deal about a person’s abilities to be competent and successful in life. It is necessary to know and understand the meaning of emotional intelligence. Wise people tend to be aware of this factor. The purpose of this essay is to discuss the relevancy of emotional intelligence as a determinant of a person’s personal and social competence.
I took the Emotional IQ Test found on the Discovery Health website. My results (89/100) were excellent according to the website’s ranking system. Because I earned a score that was higher than average, I felt relieved and very satisfied. These results showed that
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Mackin (2006) suggests that emotional intelligence is a “term used to describe the complex ability to regulate our impulses, empathize with others and be resilient in the face of difficulties” (p. 1). Because emotional intelligence can be learned, it allows individuals to grow in terms of their emotions and responses to the world around them (Recker, 2001). For example, instead of coddling shy children, parents should encourage them to participate in challenging situations that build emotional intelligence (Recker, 2001). Similarly, parents should not hinder the activities of children with high emotional intelligence; rather, they should give them the opportunities to explore and have success with their ambitions. Overall, emotional intelligence indicate personal strength in the ability to control and manage…show more content…
First of all, high levels of emotional intelligence are needed in teamwork-related activities. When people are capable of interacting in a good way, they are more likely to be creative and responsive to the ideas of the whole group. Secondly, 90 percent of top performers have a high emotional intelligence (“About Emotional Intelligence,” 2011). Thus, it is a benefit and an advantage for a person to strive for higher emotional intelligence scores. There are ways that a person can improve their emotional intelligence. For instance, it is useful to keep a journal and record emotional states during the course of a month. By doing this, a person can track his or her body and cues (Mackin, 2006). Another good technique is to use “self-talk” because what people tell themselves reveals their emotional states, positive or negative (Mackin, 2006). In essence, the best way to improve emotional intelligence is to increase one’s awareness of both personal and social
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