Emotional Intelligence Reflection

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I currently work at Tulare Regional Medical Center (TRMC), a local healthcare district hospital in Tulare, California that open its doors to the public in 1951 with 86 beds. TRMC has continued to grow and currently has 112-acute care beds. In addition, the hospital has opened extended facilities. In 2013, the hospital almost closed its doors because of poor management of finances and the choices of the administrators in charge in the past 5 years. The hospital was suffering from staggering financial losses, rapidly dwindling cash reserves, and a lack of clear direction for the future. In January 2014, the hospital’s board of directors decided to hire Health Care Conglomerate Associates (HCCA), a management company to manage the hospital. The Chairman of HCCA hired an entirely new executive team that included Alan Germany, our current Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer. Alan’s extortionary leadership skills and attributes has turn around the hospital that was losing about $1…show more content…
Although he understands that life his life and happen in life, many people who do not work closely with him as I do, would think he lacks that emotional aspect. “As a leadership ability or trait, emotional intelligence appears to be an important construct. The underlying premise suggested by the framework of emotional intelligence is that people who are more sensitive to their emotions and the impact of their emotions on others will be leaders who are more effective” (Northouse, 2016, p. 28). I believe having this trait can be positive and negative thing because when a leader is managing an entire hospital, they must make decisions can impact the entire organization. I have heard from many people in the pass that one should make decide with a “cold head”, and not with emotion. Having the ability to stay calm and think clearly in a difficult situation gives the leader the ability to make the right

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