Emotional Intelligence Reflection

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1.0 Introduction The purpose of this report is to analysis my strengths and weaknesses based on psychology perspective, and reflect 10 surveys results to my past life experiences to help me to indentify my future career plan and how I can improve it. The biggest challenges of finish the tests are people tend to not be honesty to them and answer the questions use their illusion. My future career planning is to establish my own business in Australia, which in marketing and media industry. Numbers of managerial skills are essentials to become a success business owner, by completed this portfolio, and it will help me to identify and develop my career position. 2.0 Overview of Profile 2.1 Emotional Intelligence at work Emotional intelligence is the ability that people aware, understand and how to control their emotional in a positive perspective, and lead a success in social life (Jones, 2007). The questionnaires have covered five parts, which are self-awareness, manage emotions, motivating self, empathy and social skills. Hunsaker (2007) stated that the EQ test has provided an indication of overall people’s ability of emotional intelligence, for each individual component, there are also detail explain of result. Table 1- Emotional Intelligence at work Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire Self-awareness Manage emotions Motivating self Empathy Social skill 17 17 17 19 17 Total: 87 Reflect of my score in EQ test, I have scored 87 out of 125 which indicated that I have in average ability of emotional intelligence, and have good potential to develop my managerial capability. Based on test result, firstly I am needed to learn to trust my “gut feeling” because most of time, I am more rely on fact rather than feel, however some time... ... middle of paper ... ...e result, it has showed that I was highly goal-oriented with control desire, confidence with self-ability, competence and competitive with others. Test results have also illustrated I am typical Type A personality, which were impatient, anger and frustration with others, over responsible and highly control desire, it were not helpful for my future career development because excess control manner will lead employee resist authority and lack of communication, also high unrealistic expect will not only hurt relationship between me and employees, but also harm my physical healthy. To overcome my weakness, I need to record emotion reflect journal every day which including record emotion changed and awareness, and how I deal with it. Moreover it will be best if my friends can monitor my behavior as in some situation, I not able to justify and review myself objectively.
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