Emotional Intelligence ( Eq )

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As a student of psychology with a desire to pursue a career in counseling, understanding and developing personal emotional intelligence could play a significate role in the success or failure of my career. Emotional Intelligence (EQ), according to John Mayer (2009) is the ability to be aware of and manage one’s own and others emotions (para. 1). Myers (2013) identifies four components of emotional intelligence (pg. 375). The first is emotional awareness, or the ability to recognize emotions in yourself and others. Second is the ability to understand emotions. In other words, to understand how emotions affect us personally, how they affect others, and the meanings emotions convey. In addition to being aware of and understanding emotions, one also needs to manage emotions, appropriately expressing and regulating personal emotions, and being able to encourage or calm another person. The final component of emotional intelligence is being able to use emotions to think creatively and solve problems. Steps that I can take to asses my EQ are to take an EQ assessment test, seek the perspective of others, understand what factors contributed to my scores, and understand EQ from a Christian perspective. Taking an emotional intelligence quiz provided by Johanna Vanderpol provided helpful feedback. My scores are not as high as I would like them to be. Would they have been higher, however, if I had taken the quiz when in a happier mood? Perhaps they would be. Nevertheless, I believe they accurately enough reflect my EQ compared with my daily interactions with others. I have a good foundation from which to further develop my EQ. The feedback that I received from others was that they thought my scores we slightly low. On nine to ten questions, the... ... middle of paper ... ...ons, both anger and grief. The Bible tells us that Jesus, on numerous occasions, had compassion on people and acted on his compassion. Jesus is our example of living in an emotionally mature manner. God is an emotional being and express emotions such as anger, grief, and joy. Jesus, when he was here on earth, experienced and expressed strong emotions. When we aware of our own emotions we are aware of our own internal state. This way we can manage our own internal state and “make the tree good” (Matt. 12:33 NIV). This will also increase our ability to recognize emotions in others and have empathy toward them. As such, we will be able to navigate relationships and emotionally charged situations with increased wisdom and insight. Having a solid EQ score is more a reflection of emotional and spiritual maturity and will aid in success in my personal and professional life.
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