Emotional Development: The Emotional Development Of Ms. Ballerina

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This paper will focus on the Emotional Development of Ms. Ballerina. This paper will focus on her emotional development in regards of Erickson’s Theory. This section will also examine Ms. Ballerina’s emotional development in relation to emotion, attachment, temperament, personality, and socio-cultural factors. As caregivers are nourishing and responsive to children’s needs, the child learns to have confidence in their own ability by gaining trust (McDevitt & Ormrod, 2013, p. 418).
Erickson’s Theory
During my observations, I have been able to witness Ms. Ballerina’s range of emotion. First meeting Ms. Ballerina, she seems shy and introverted but once interaction with her, one is able to observe the different fluctuating emotions she encompasses that others that do not know her might not see. After many interactions with Ms. Ballerina, I have determined that she is in the Industry versus Inferiority category, in regards to her psychological stage.
Ms. Ballerina has moved to the stage where she recognizes that when she does a good job with her academics or other skills, she will gain recognition from adults, she will also gain this recognition from athletic accomplishments and artistic performances (McDevitt & Ormrod, 2013, p. 419). I observed Ms. Ballerina seeking recognition by always being a student who is quiet, following the rules, and when she finishes her work, she shows the teacher and follows the routine that has been implemented by the teacher. This rule following has led to Ms. Ballerina being recognized by teachers and results in her being called first many times.
Though Ms. Ballerina gains positive recognition the majority of times, she still develops feelings of inferiority at times. I have observed...

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.... Even with this show of independency, Ms. Ballerina’s family seems to lean more towards the collectivists’ culture since she and her sister are expected to be respectful and cooperative, though I feel this is more a combination of religious beliefs rather than just culture.
Ms. Ballerina’s emotional development is contributed to many factors like her demonstration of industry, even her sense of inferiority has contributed to her emotional development. Her strong positive attachment to her family and her peers has built a solid secure foundation for Ms. Ballerina. Through observations, Ms. Ballerina’s emotions match her stable and agreeable temperament and personality. All of these factors are effected by her cultural background, which her family has nurture her emotional well-being even with the dual nature of the Lebanese collectivist westernization.

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