Emotional Analysis Of Paul Theroux's Being A Man

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The world we live in is full of amazing things. Cars, spaceships, cellphones are just a few examples. But the one thing that leave me breathless is how culture and society mold human live. There has always been a right way for individuals, and specially men to behave. Even now in the 21-century where things have changed and there is more freedom, men are asked to act in certain ways. Writer Paul Theroux in his essay “Being a man” makes a profound analysis from his perspective about how men are in America, and the factors that influence how they comport. After reading his essay I found myself in a position where I asked if I was a man or not in his culture.
Men are seeing as strong, stupid, rude, and self-centered in America. People had been thought, for many generations now, to see them that way. Social media, sports, schools and families are
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Americans often see this action as a requirement for being a man. If a man doesn’t do it there is something very wrong with him. Constitute the ultimate way to prove manhood. Writer Theroux says “Being a drunkard is another assertion, if misplaced, of manliness” He got it right. In society, this is a fundamental aspect of being a man. Men have to get drunk to express their real feelings because otherwise they would be considered soft. They would meet the requirements to be consider a man, and that is not right.
At the end, we just need to ask our self what kind of attitude is correct. Do we really have to fallow other people’s behaviors, ideas? Do we have to be that way? Is it helpful? There’s is not doubt that in his essay “Being a Man”, Paul Theroux makes the reader think about this. Being a man is more than just what society and others think. It is being true to one’s own personal values. Society and cultures are always changing, sometimes for the better and others not, but they definitely have a huge impact in our ways of doing
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