Emotion In Advertising Essay

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The Power of Emotions on Persuasion in Advertising
For individuals who are fortunate enough to have the basic necessities out life, it easy to dismiss banal commercials they see daily. However, a commercial that can captivate viewers not just locally but across the globe is rare. In a Thai Life commercial promoting insurance does just that. On a powerful and emotional journey comes a strong story about donating your time to help those around you. Daily small acts are enough to create a huge domino effect.
The Thai Life commercial has received lots of views for many reasons. For one, it’s a tearjerker and inspiration to others to step forward and help the unfortunate. However, the powerful message behind it takes the win, albeit, it is advertising
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I believe the goal of this commercial is to persuade the Asian consumers to use their insurance company to ensure their investments, giving them time to enjoy life and help the penniless. In a way, the insurance company is using the emotional responses gained from the audience and engages them into feeling obligated to do…show more content…
Pathos is the strongest tool used for its “feel good” feeling after watching the commercial. Tanya Dua, writer of Digiday claims “the predominance of Buddhism helps explain why Thai people are viewed as “humble, respectful, and compassionate” (Dua, 2014). In addition, she says, “its evidence when one walks through the streets of Thailand. We have countless projects and charities of varying scales. We give alms to beggars rather than dismiss them” … “And so ads that evoke these emotions ‘are likely to succeed gaining our favor and ultimately establishing longer brand affinity and recall” (Dua, 2014). While watching this commercial, the target audience must’ve felt inspired, moved, sympathetic and empathetic as they felt this bond or connection. If the audience is capable of experiencing these feelings, then they are more likely to remember this commercial, share about it, or take action. This commercial definitely uses pathos to its advantage because it helps the viewers bond with each other, feeling this sense of urge for action as they’re reaching for a
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