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In a span of two centuries plenty has modernized from the 19th century. Not only has the technology and science modified to offer effortless work, but the morals and values of a working society have changed as well. Specifically, in 2014, societies’ perceptions of the human condition and the rising social media has further increased the already compelling emotion of love to become seldom and rare. Therefore, the 21st century will indeed spell trouble for the medler, matchmaker and rich young lady, Ms. Emma Woodhouse of Highbury, England. Her charming good looks and money may have protected her in 1815 from the dangers of marriage, but in 2014 her survival is little to none from her confused emotions of infatuation.
As the modern world continues to splurge wages and the steady fall of the economies continue, money as a whole is beginning to exhaust its value. As a result, Emma, in 2014, would relinquish one of the values in which people admire her: wealth. After all, Emma herself mentioned to Mr. Knightley, “ A single woman of good fortune is always [respected].” (73). Emma may be single, but her immense fortune offsets a negative identification to be placed on her. Mr. Elton, for example, contrary to what Emma believed, preferred her over Harriet simply for the money and higher class of Emma. Although, in 2014, the higher class is still in existence, most if not all people fall under the middle class. Emma, now placed under the middle class, will at the moment have to rely on her appearance in order to acquire people’s respect and sympathy. A near impossible task since most people nowadays do not marry for love nor beauty but for monetary gain and greed.
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...e outcomes. She may be confused in the aspects of love, but she does for one thing love her family and friends to help them overcome just about anything and everything. Despite hurting Harriet’s heart, Emma did in fact care about her friend and refused her to marry on such as low level as the farmer, Mr. Matin. “Mr. Martin is a respectable man, but I cannot admit him to be Harriet’s equal. [What an] ignorance to be married to a respectable, intelligent gentleman-farmer!” (51-53).
In conclusion, Emma Woodhouse will not survive very long in 2014. The 19th century ways of social structure, power, nobility, money and jealousy, are immensely different than that of 2014. Yet, Emma does possess the quality of kindness which places her correctly in the current atmosphere in 2014, but her faults in vanity and love will ultimately block Ms. Woodhouse from withstanding 2014.
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