Eminem's Eminence

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Despite taste in music, age or nationality, everyone is bound to know the famous rapper, Eminem. Many eagerly awaited his return to the music industry; while some hoped to never see his name on the charts again. After a long break from the industry, Eminem made his return in 2010, rising to the top of the charts once again. Critics have claimed his lyrical content is inappropriate and effects the nation’s youth negatively, but his fans argue that he and his 2010 return have been a source of inspiration and encouragement in their lives.

Eminem was born Marshall Mathers III on October 17, 1972. His home life was extremely troubled. He was raised by his mother who was only 15yrs old when she gave birth to him. His father left when he was only six months; he never returned and did not keep in contact. His mother did not hold a steady job, which in turn caused them to move often. He switched schools several times a year. He was bullied at school often and even beaten to the point of hospitalization once. They moved back and forth between Missouri and Detroit. Finally at the age of twelve they remained in Detroit, Michigan. Due to failing the 9th grade three times, Marshall dropped out of school; continuing in his life of trials and poverty. at age twenty six he and his girlfriend, Kim, had their daughter Hailey.

Most rappers and all successful ones were black at this time. Despite the fact that Eminem was a Caucasian and rejected by most other local rappers he pursued his passion. He entered into “Rap battles”, which freestyle rapping against an opponent. It was rap battles that lead him to fame, when someone from the Aftermath record label asked for a demo cd. They wanted to bring take it back to owner, Dr. Dre. Dre l...

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... to write and rap. They see a man that is a great father after never knew his own. They see someone who was rejected, ridiculed, and bullied stand up and persevere through all controversy, addiction and protest.

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