Eminem Vs Hip Hop

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Boyd, Todd. 2004. "Intergenerational Culture Wars: Civil Rights Vs. Hip Hop." Socialism and Democracy 18(2):51-69 This article is about an interview between Yusuf Nuruddin with Todd Boyd discussing his book “The H.N.I.C: The Death of Civil Rights and the Reign of Hip Hop”. Boyd argues that the hip-hop replaced the African-Americans in the civil right area. He explains that society has evolved to the point where the issues related to African-Americans in the civil rights area have changed quite a bit that their ideas are outdated. He believes hip-hop bonded a generation of people that under making hip-hop part of their life it has given them a better sense of black people and African American culture. The hip-hop culture is slowing…show more content…
Eminem was known to the underground hip-hop but in order to achieve commercial success he needed a label behind him. Aftermath Records decided to sign him since the music industry would profit if white audience could further identify themselves with hip-hop culture instead of seeing it as something foreign and so in order to boost sales needed a white rapper and there was Eminem who had both industry respect and street-credibility. Even Eminem recognizes that the color on his skin is what helped him get where he was. In the song White America he…show more content…
Eminem 's career success has allowed many middle class white fans to look at hip-hop as something they can relate to due to the fact that they look the same and this has let to many of them to appropriate different aspects of hip-hop culture. Eminem’s white participation in the hip-hop culture has given entrance to white rappers that lack talent to become somewhat successful under the name of hip-hop culture marginalizes black artists and the origins of the hip-hop culture. What people have to think about are Eminem 's financial conditions and proximity to the African-American communities when growing up was. Even if black artists are able to get mainstream success their sales are not as profitable in comparison to white artists. This marginalizes many aspects in the hip-hop culture that were needed to their

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