Emily Dickinson Pain And Suffering Essay

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Pain and Suffering in Four Poems by Emily Dickinson When Emily Dickinson found herself surrounded by pain and suffering in her lifetime, she then began to explain her perceptions of it through her poems. Dickinson had a different view about pain in each of her poems but still focused on the central idea of it. She often applied it to herself, but also to others, through her witnessing of another individual’s pain. Each of her poems portray a different aspect of pain but she consistently uses her own experiences to portray a genuine tone for each one. Dickinson’s unique ability to explore he own inwardness self and emotions is revealed in her writing. Dickinson’s poem “After great pain, a formal feeling comes -” is an exemplary poem for the…show more content…
In the second line, Dickinson quotes the “Morning after death”. While this phrase can be taken literal, it can also be taken for its homophone, mourning. It perfectly explains the grief and suffering that one is experiencing after the loss of a loved one. Dickinson is writing not only of loss, but of a romantic loss. In the last lines of the poem, Dickinson considers “Sweeping up the Heart, and Putting Love away” because it is common for one to not want to love again after losing someone that was once so close to them. It is obvious to the reader that Dickinson, personally, keeps busy after a loss so that she may not have to dwell in the…show more content…
Dickinson believes she is not “living in vain” if she haves a purpose and tries to fulfill it. Through this, the poem is Dickinson applying meaning to her life by helping those who are weak or may be in pain. She refers to helping a bird in line 5 of the poem, “or help one fainting robin” but it is understood that she does not necessarily mean she is going to help injured birds but help anything in need. Overall, Dickinson successfully portrays the different perspectives of pain and suffering in the previous poems. Whether she was using personification of worldly objects, or descriptive imagery, she accurately justified her pain. It is accurate to assume that Dickinson was a very introverted and self-aware person because of her poems. She not only wrote about the overall theme of pain, but of death and
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