Emily Bronte

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Emily Bronte had a personality that has yet to, and probably will never be fully explained. Emily died at a very young age. She had never gotten the chance to have a biography done on her like her sister Charlotte. However, thanks to Emily’s poems, few diary accounts and letters, her sister Charlotte’s biography, and Emily’s novel, Wuthering Heights, it allowed for her life, character and personality to reflect through. Emily Jane Bronte was born on July 30, 1818 at Thornton, Yorkshire, England. She was born into the lives of her father, Patrick Bronte and her mother, Maria Bronte. Patrick Bronte was born in Ireland on March 17, 1777. He was born into poverty, but “driven by ambition” he overcame it by attending St. John’s College in Cambridge University in England. (Family History 1; Magill 310) As the “self-disciplined, hard-working young man” he was, (Magill 310) which aided him toward Cambridge, it also led him toward several curacies in Northern England. (Family History 1; Magill 310) Patrick Bronte was an exceptionally smart man, knowing religion and political matters well, as well as an author of several books. (Rev. Patrick 1 & 2) His personality soon rubbed off on his children as they grew a passion for reading and writing themselves. Maria Bronte was born in Penzance, Cornwall on April 15, 1783. (Maria Branwell 1) She was born into a wealthy family, but unfortunate family deaths caused her immediate family to deteriorate. (Maria Branwell 1) She than looks for employment else where and meets Patrick Bronte. (Maria Branwell 1) They got married on December 29, 1812 at the Guiseley Parish Church. (Rev. Patrick 1) Together, in the span of seven years, they have six children “Maria (1814), Elizabeth (1815), Charlotte (1816), ... ... middle of paper ... ...well.” The Bronte Parsonage Museum & Bronte Society. Bronte Society. Wed. 2 May 2010. . “Anne Bronte.” The Bronte Parsonage Museum & Bronte Society. Bronte Society. Wed. 2 May 2010.. Love, Darlene Rose. "The Double Soul of Emily Bronte." The Bronte Soul. Ed. Maria Janet Rochester. Wetpaint, 2 Dec. 2009. Web. 23 May 2010. . Bloom, Harold. “Bloom on Wuthering Heights.” In Bloom, Harold, ed. Wuthering Heights, Bloom’s Guide. New York: Chelsea House Publishing, 2008. Bloom’s Literary Reference Online. Facts On File, Inc. . (accessed May 20, 2010)

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