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I have learned a lot while working with Emerson as an intern. I feel that on the job training was much more valuable than anything else I could have done. They give you a task and if you do not know how to do it they will walk you through it. With my internship everyone was relaxed. It was a fun environment to work in. Everyone liked each other and we had contractors that worked with another company and we all got along. It made learning new tasks easier to do. Everyone was willing to help each other and throw their thoughts out there to help. Each week we would have a stand up meeting going over what we did and what problems arose that week. This allowed us to stay up to date on problems and learn from other working on areas of the project. We could foresee problems that might arise during these meetings by talking to each other. This taught me that you have to be open about what you are doing and allowing others to know they might have a problem soon. Without these meetings which were basically status reports this project would have been way behind schedule. While working with Emerson learning new software was the biggest benefit. With so many different developers working on the Sensi project I had the ability to learn from each. Each one specialized in different areas from web to mobile and everywhere in between. Each person has used software to make their jobs easier and learning about this software this early on in my career is a huge benefit to me. These guys are some of the smartest guys in their respective areas. The ability to work with them and see how they work is also very beneficial. While learning about new software that can help me in my job is very beneficial one piece of software was probably the most important. W... ... middle of paper ... ...only programming classes we take are VB and Java. Maybe we should have a class which incorporates multiple languages. This does not have to be an advanced course but show how multiple languages can talk to each other. The core classes at SIUE do not do this. I feel the students know this stuff but having practice with it would make them more comfortable with it. Overall even with all the downsides of CMIS at SIUE I feel that it is still a good school to learn at. I do not see the value in requiring as many non CMIS class as there is but it gives us the opportunity to explore other majors. The management classes are my biggest complaint overall. There is no value in most of the classes. I honestly did not learn much from these classes. The first class is all I feel is needed with CMIS. After that it all repeats and takes away from other stuff we could be learning.

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