Emergency Room Nurse Case Study

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When you hear about abuse in the workplace the last people you think of would be nurses. Nurses are the people who help other people when they are ill. Nurses are usually the first healthcare providers that you see, so to think of nurses being abused would seem unbelievable, but according to a 2014 study in the Journal of Emergency Nursing,76% of nurses experience some violence in the work place and 30% experienced a physical assault. Most nurses do not report violent incidents believing that reporting does not make any difference since violence is expected and tolerated, that incidents are seen as a sign of incompetence, or that they might encounter retaliation by ER management and hospital administration. Abuse…show more content…
Many of these people may feel they have reasons for their abusive nature although this does not make it right. Emergency room nurses are among the highest who experience physical abuse. Emergency room nurses deal first hand with those that come through the doors with various illnesses and emergency situations. For the patient and family this is the most stressful time not knowing what is wrong or when patients are still very much under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Several studies have found that most of the physical abuse was pulling or grabbing and most of that was by patients on drugs, alcohol, and the psych patients. Studies have also found that less abuse occurs in well-lit ER’S with panic buttons. There is a need for more reporting of incidents and stiffer penalties for those who abuse. Nurses should not feel that this is part of the job. Many nurses were reported to leave their jobs for another, to get out of the ER and leave nursing altogether. No federal laws protect nurses from violence in the…show more content…
Many times seasoned nurses and management have cliques and ways of abusing new nurses and students. Abuse does not have to be only physical as it is also emotional and many times is considered bullying. Many new nurses and students are subjected to rejection. They will be left out of the loop and left to find their own way. Many seasoned nurses claim to not have the time to show new nurses things they have not encountered before. Management will show favoritism when making assignments, giving the most difficult to new nurses. Many student and new nurses are familiar with the phrase “nurses eat their young.”Unfortunately, this behavior is often considered a “rite of passage” for the new nurse. However, it generally implies a negative culture, void of positive physical and emotional support from experienced nurses. One would think with the shortage of nurses and complaints of heavy workloads that seasoned nurses would be grateful for the help and willing to teach new nurses. Many new nurses are anxious to do a good job and go above and beyond in their standard of care and older nurses see this as a threat. Doctors will even be verbally abusive making nurses feel incompetent. Many nurses will withhold important patient information in reports leaving the other to find out on their own. Some nurses who bully others cannot separate personal
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