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Emergency Contraception If women were more informed on the appropriate use of emergency contraceptive, whether they are safe and also effective, then there would potentially be a decrease in unexpected pregnancies, and abortions. Women are often uninformed of emergency contraceptives, and although the lack of knowledge is obvious among the younger population, it seem to be even more obvious in the population of women over 30. There has only been a very small amount of researches done in regards to the counseling of emergency contraception and the way it was used, this would only be the third research conducted regarding this matter. Data was collected via questionnaire from the NSFG in 2002 from female respondents. The study collected a representative sample of 7,643 U.S women in the reproductive ages of 15-44 that were in civilian households. The women completed computer-assisted, face-to-face interviews that collected information of whether they have ever been informed of emergency contraception based on their age, race, ethnic background, marital status, if they have ever had an abortion, how old they were we they first had sex, and their education level. Concluding the research “Overall, 3% of women reported that a clinician had discussed emergency contraception with them in the past year, and 4% of those who had ever had sex with a man reported having used the method. Only 4% of those who had seen a gynecologist in the past year reported having received counseling. Women's likelihood of having received counseling was reduced if they were 30 or older (odds ratio, 0.2), and was elevated if they were Hispanic (4.1), black (2.6) or ever-married (2.4). Receipt of counseling in the last 12 months was the strongest predictor of eve... ... middle of paper ... ...ld of someone who has hurt her in this type of way. Despite of how I may feel personally emergency contraception can help in situations that are uncontrollable. Overall I’ve learned that everything is life has pros and cons, and although some may look at emergency contraception as nothing but negative, there is some individuals out there that see it as completely positive. I am not particularly interested in reading about emergency contraception since I am a male, and don’t take any kind of control. However I did find this information very important to me being that I have daughters, who will grow into young ladies. If I am informed on these specific topics, then I can make sure that they are aware when it comes to these specific circumstances. I’m sure I will continue better educate myself on contraception as whole, so that I can educate my children when its time.
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