Emergence of Anti-Semitism in Germany Toward the End of the Weimar Republic

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Emergence of Anti-Semitism in Germany Toward the End of the Weimar Republic

There were many different factors that resulted in anti-Semitism

emerging so strongly in Germany towards the end of the Weimar

Republic. These factors included the instability of the economy during

the reign of the Weimar Republic, the lingering anger over the way the

Weimar Republic Governing Body had so easily accepted the Treaty of

Versailles, and Germany's need for a great leader who would guide

Germans to triumph.

From the beginning the Weimar Republic was doomed, it being a republic

that had been born out of a military defeat. One that so few Germans

could accept.

It was beset with many problems, leading many Germans either to

withhold support from the Parliamentary Democracy or to seek actively

to destroy it.

The Republic had to deal with a weak economy plagued by high rates of

inflation and unemployment. Inflation was fuelled partly by the

enormous wartime debts that the Imperial Government had contracted

rather than raising taxes to finance the war. Instead of raising the

taxes they had preferred to rely on the short-term foreign loans. [1]

Inflation ruined many middle-class Germans, who saw their savings and

pensions wiped out. Unemployment was also high in the 1920s, hurting

millions of wage earners and their families.

Moreover, the loss of territories in the Treaty of Versailles impinged

negatively on the economy. Above all, the Reparations schedule and the

fear of having to meet the scheduled payments heightened the


Their economic misery made these groups susceptible to the claims of

extremist political part...

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