Embryonic Stem Cells

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Have you ever imagined yourself as a person who is alleviating diseases and abetting thousands or even millions of people live? You can do that with a help from something called embryonic stem cells. In this big, wide world many people doubt themselves if they are making the right choice in a well-known controversy, should embryonic stem cell research be allowed in the US? Many people might say no, but isn’t helping other people in affliction the way to go? These special type of cells can be a big impact on the human race and maybe even other races too, but to do that, we need to first research on them to acquire the knowledge we need to make a difference in this world. Embryonic stem cells are cells that come from embryos (eggs that have been fertilized in vitro) and these miraculous cells can become anything they want with the right DNA. The embryos are made in a specialized lab that are then donated for research, but they don’t come from a mother. Embryonic stem cells can do a lot of thing with lots of research including: can stop rejection of organs, can transfer into many stem cell lines, and can cure many diseases. Think of all the things one tiny discovery can do.
Embryonic stem cells can stop the rejection of organs in one’s body with a significant amount of research. You need research because if you just do the method on a human being, something could go wrong and that person could die. So first, you have to research all the consequences, good and bad, to that method and then you have to experiment it on something else like a false kidney or even mice, but in a lab. You can do this through therapeutic cloning. For example, you go to your doctor and he/she says that you have a major kidney malfunction. You then immediatel...

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...ny of the 200+ stem cell lines there are out there in this world. What I am trying to say is that one embryonic stem cell has the possibility to turn into anything it wants. Although there are some rules to it. For example, an embryonic stem cell turns into a blood cell and it still has an option to turn into any of the four things: a platelet, a white blood cell, plasma, and a red blood cell. If this particular stem cell wants to turn into a red blood cell and then it goes back and then changes into a platelet it could. But if it goes all the way back and want to turn into a nerve cell, it can’t. After a stem cell is designated to a certain type of cell, it sticks to that line and it can’t go back. It can go into a more specific category if it wants to, but it can’t go all the way back to the beginning even if it wants to, since it got assigned to a particular job.
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