Embryonic Stem Cell Research Pros And Cons

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Embryonic stem cell research is a highly debated and a very controversial topic in the United States. There is a plentiful amount of benefits that could come from it. With stem cells researched we could make the lives of people who have illnesses and diseases sufficiently better. However the way you get stem cells is the most controversial part. In order to get them it requires the destruction of the human embryo. This is why the United States governments have tried to restrict stem cell research. In certain presidencies they have succeeded to restrict it, making further research of stem cells more difficult. When you look at all the things stem cells can do for a human being it is pretty obvious that they are very beneficial to us. However to get a stem cell it requires the destruction of a human embryo which is the biggest issue. When the stem cell is removed from the human embryo this is when it destroys it, making it unable to further develop (On human embryos and medical research, 2001). Stem cell research is an all-around studying of adult stem cells, neural stem cells, and cord blood stem cells (Stem cell Therapies, ND). The first researcher to successfully isolate a human embryonic stem cell was James A. Thomson at the University of Wisconsin (Stem cells seeds of hope, 03). Also in 1998, two independent teams of US scientists successfully isolated and cultured stem cells obtained from embryos (On human embryos and medical research, 01). Scientists refer to embryonic stem cells as pluripotent meaning that each has a capacity to develop into any kind of cell in a human body (Stem cells the seeds of hope, 03). With more funding for stem cell research we will be able to unlock the infinitive value in the use of e... ... middle of paper ... ...wever it is a very controversial topic in the United States. Many people disagree with stem cell research and also tried to put laws restricting it. In the past under the Bush administration there was in fact laws passed to try to keep embryonic stem cell research from going anywhere. However, the United States is built on the premise that there will be a separation of church and state making the US a secular state. It was written also in the constitution under the First Amendment that says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. In simpler terms this means that we need to keep our religion and religious values out of politics and government. There is no need to try to put restrictions or block embryonic stem cell research when the pros of the concept heavily out-weight the cons of it.
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