Embryonic Stem Cell Research

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The use of embryonic stem cells in regard to research involving the creation, usage, and destruction of human embryos has been the center of ethical debate. Embryonic stem cell research offers a remarkable way to treat various diseases where therapeutic interventions have failed to treat effectively. These cells have the ability to self-renew, and are also pluripotent, which means they have potential to differentiate into a more specialized, mature cell type able to perform distinct functions. The capacity of embryonic stem cells to self-renew, and exhibit pluripotency means they can be used in regenerative medicine. Patients suffering from tissue injuries and genetic disorders can be administered by these cells to restore damaged cells. Because of their said capabilities, these cells can serve as models for genetic disorders, and be used as a potent research tool to probe certain genetic disorders. With recent technological advancements, scientists are more than capable to use embryonic stem cells for research. However, embryonic stem cell research can be morally unsound. I have complete understanding of embryonic stem cell research, and its potential to end human suffering, however it is unethical to do so.
First and foremost, embryonic stem cells have the potential for life. Using stem cells for research shows a lack of consensus regarding the meaning, bonds, and sense of life. Knowing we can does not mean we should. There are limits and using embryonic stem cells for research purposes requires the destruction of the human embryo, and putting an end to potential human life crosses the line. Life starts at conception, and all life started with these living cells. Another reason relevant to the lack of consensus is the ...

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... to cure, we can achieve the same goal of freeing people from cancer, and other diseases in an ethical, morally sound procedure by using adult stem cells instead of embryonic stem cells for research. I am informed of the Dickey-Wicker Amendment, and your recent addition of opening up federal funding for stem cell research, and acknowledge that embryos cannot be lawfully destroyed and the use of embryonic stem cell lines from prior to 2009. I propose to stop federally funded embryonic stem cell research, and research with the use of adult stem cells should be federally funded and furthered. Using embryonic stem cells strictly for research is unethical, however, couples who have undergone IVF should be allowed to donate excess eggs to research by private institutions if they desire.
I sincerely hope you take this proposal into consideration. Thank you for your time.
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