Embryonic Stem Cell Research

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For many people embryonic stem cell research is immoral and should be done away with since it disrespects the purity of life, it has seen ample disapproval by traditionalists to not be freely backed, and feel it is pointless due to other options being available. However there are many that believe embryonic stem cell research can end the suffering of young child, parents and people alike. People alike feel as stem cell research are immorally slaughtering potential human beings, while other people backed through science and research feel as though these are not active life-forms until they reach a certain stage. In this essay, I will explain what stem cells and embryonic stem cells are and how they are important to mankind. I will explain the controversy behind embryonic stem cell research and how many Americans feels as though this is not a necessary way of getting stem cells. Although there are many potential uses to embryonic stem cell research, some still feel there is a better option available to those who are looking at this from a medicinal stand point. Furthermore, activist and libertarians alike are looking for ways to get the bill passed by President Barack Obama overturned. Abortions also plays its roll in embryonic stem cell research, another inhumane way of discarding human life. You must take in account the religious portion of this research and how some may feel that scientist are attempting to play God, by cloning humans and animals. Experiencing family death due to heart problems and kidney problems, I can understand a person looking at this from an emotional standpoint and standing for the research. There are many pros and cons and tons of controversy tied up in embryonic research.
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... another laboratory have come up with a way to turn ordinary human skin cell into what appear to be an embryonic stem cell. This may possibly be the end to the war against humanity, and open more possibilities to this research.
In conclusion, stem cell research in itself have caused major debate in politics, it has questioned ethics, morality, humanity and every other facet of this ever thriving dispute. When you research this information and you find out all the possibilities and potential uses of this research, it tugs at your emotions because you could have possibly lost a family member to some of the illnesses this research can cure. For example, I lost my uncle, which was like a father to me, to a heart attack something that could have been prevented by this research. So although this debate is great for, I believe it has to be where the mindset of the person.
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