Embroidery Case Study

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How can BURBERRY do in the future?
Brand cooperation strategy is common between clothing brands. The main merit is both sides can take advantage of each other’s brand advantage and brand effect to enhance prestige thereby increase sales (Posner, 2011). For the sake of expanding the Chinese market, it might be a good advice to cooperate with a Chinese designer.

XU ZHI is founded by Xuzhi Chen who was born in China and went on to train in womenswear design at the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Arts & Design in London (Image 16). His graduation collection came into notice and soon he was nominated for the H&M Design Awards in 2015, the International Woolmark Prize and LVMH Prize in 2016 (XU ZHI, 2017). Although only founded for
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In BURBERRY’s history, the invention of gabardine is indispensable. In light of this, both brands attach importance to the fabric, this is the first reason why they can cooperate. Second, BURBERRY is a traditional British brand that within the design are the deepest culture of nation. Xuzhi Chen is born in China but receive the western education and his brand was founded in London, his designs have both the elegance of England and the poetic of China. Analogous cultural backgrounds could make the communication easier. Last, BURBERRY’s designs are out of date. As one of the hottest Chinese designer brands, XU ZHI could bring BURBERRY a fresh change. They could combine the trench coat’s stereotype of BURBERRY with XU ZHI’s original fabric or they could also reinterpret the classic check in a new way (Image…show more content…
Considering the show is in China, a Chinese musician will be chosen to cooperate with an English musician. Muse is an English rock band, it has founded for more than 20 years. Although it is an old band, the music is quite avant-garde and alternative, even the music they created 10 years ago is not antiquated today. Different from the music BURBERRY choose before, Muse has a strong sense of future which is popular in the young people and this style just coordinate the cooperate design. Muse is a household name in Britain and has the certain popularity in China. The news they will performance on the show may create much of a stir. As for the Chinese musician, Leah Dou may be a good choice. She is a Chinese singer-songwriter who primarily sings in English. She is the daughter of famous Chinese musicians Dou Wei and Faye Wong. As the second generation of stars, she brings topic herself and she is really talented. Because of her individual image, she is well received by luxury brands. These two generation’s musicians could certain surprise
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