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Learning strategies are crucial in our learning development as students. Making sure that we take the right steps in our studying in order to enhance our learning can lead us to the A grade we all desire. One study strategy that is helpful is SQ3R. The S stands for survey and is the first step in studying where it involves scanning the material. In this first step one scans for photos, graphs, side notes, and any “extra” notes that will enhance the understanding of the actual material. The Q stands for question and is the second step in studying which involves identifying important information. The first out of the three R’s is the third step in studying which stands for read, and requires reading. This reading though, is done for understanding, not for speed. The second out of the three R’s is the fourth step in studying and stands for recall. In this step, it is important to try and learn material in chunks and to recite the answers to the key questions. The third and final R is the fifth step in studying and stands for review. It is very important to review any material read while studying in order to fully understand the material. In this step we target any gaps of information and reread any material necessary for thorough understanding. The SQ3R strategy would work with my visual and verbal learning styles because it targets most key points. By surveying the text, I am using my visual senses to learn information through photos or graphs presented. By questioning the material, I am ensuring the I have full focus on the material and it will allow me to look for specific information. By reading the material out loud, I am using my verbal learning style to help me recall information, which I do so my recalling if I have “heard” ... ... middle of paper ... ...ew ideas from the material being covered and to make it easier for studying and rereading for an exam. Good notes require time and thorough thinking and can be used as study guides for bigger exams later. Note taking is not that efficient with me and my verbal learning style. But, it works well with my visual learning style. When I read material and take thorough notes on it, I am capable of visualising ideas and thoughts as I write. In addition, I can make my own graphs and charts to accommodate information on the piece of paper I am writing notes on to enhance the way I process the information. This study strategy works well with my current learning environment because I have no other stimulus then the pen, paper and Ebook presented in front of me. Note taking is a great way for me to gather my thoughts and ideas and to help me study efficiently and effectively.

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