Elvis Presley, The King and Legend

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732 words

“Before me there was nothing. Without me there would be No Rick N Roll. Without rock and me were would we be.” On January 8, 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi the King of Rock’ N’ Roll was born. Elvis Aaron Presley, the King of Rock’ N ‘Roll, was born to Vernon and Gladys Presley. Elvis had a twin brother that died at birth leaving elvis as the only child. I will talk about the life of the King, Elvis Presley in this essay []. Elvis is entered in the music contest at the Alabama Fair and Dairy Show in Tupelo. Elvis, aged 10, sings country classic “Old Shep” and wins second prize. This is his first known public performance. At the age !4 elvis and his family moved to Memphis, Tennessee. He attended at Humes High School. elvis worked at Loew’s State Theatre, were he is fired for punching out a fellow usher who told the manager that Elvis was getting free candy from the girl working at the concession stand. Elvis also makes his second public appearance by singing “Cold, Cold Icy Finger” at the Annual school Christmas concert. Elvis graduates from Humes High School and takes his first full time job at the Precision Tool Company, then is employed by The Crown Electric Co as a trucker. Elvis sees a sign for Memphis Record Service and decides to make a private recording to give his mother a surprise, Elvis commits his voice for the first time ever to tape. Sam Phillips, who owns the company and the associated Sun Record label, finds his voice interesting. Sam Phillips is on the look out for a vocalist to record “Without You”, a song he has received on an anonymous Nashville demo. At Keisker’s suggestion, he agrees to call Presley to the recording studio to record the song. Elvis ... ... middle of paper ... ...e bottom to the top all over the world. He died and live in Graceland Tennessee. Elvis still lives today. Bibliography : Biography, Dec. 27 2011, Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. April 8, 2011 Ed Stephan, Elvis Presley, 2011,, April 8, 2011 Fali R. Singara, Elvis Timeline, 2008. Netflix. 19 April 2011 Elvis Presley Biography, 2010, Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, 19 April 2011 Robert Fontenot, How and when did Elvis Presley die?, 2002, Regent University. 19 April 2011 Branoan Morrow, Important People of the 60’s (Elvis), 2 Feb. 1998, Starhome April 19 2011

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that elvis aaron presley was born on january 8, 1935 in tupelo, mississippi. he had a twin brother that died at birth leaving elvis as the only child.
  • Describes how elvis entered the alabama fair and dairy show music contest and won second prize. elvis graduated from humes high school and worked at loew’s state theatre.
  • Narrates how elvis commits his voice for the first time ever to tape. sam phillips is on the lookout for a vocalist to record "without you".
  • Narrates how elvis met priscilla ann wagner in 1967, married in 1968, and had a child, lisa marie presley.
  • Narrates how elvis wrote "suspicious minds" which went to the top of the us charts and sold 700,000 copies in the uk and us.
  • Narrates how elvis bought a mansion, graceland, and used it for recording studios. some people tried to kill him.
  • Narrates how elvis died in graceland in 1977. he was on medication and heavy drugs, and thousands came to his funeral.
  • Opines that elvis still lives on today. people still love his music and love him, most people still remember him too. the day he died the face of rock lived on.
  • Explains that elvis started at a county fair and traveled the world and the country. he died and lived in graceland tennessee.
  • Cites elvis presley enterprises, inc.'s "biography", which was released on april 8, 2011,, and netflix.
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