Elvis Life

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On a hot Saturday afternoon in the late summer of 1953, a beat up ford pickup truck sat in front of The Memphis Recording Studio, where, anyone for 4 dollars a pop could make themselves a record. The truck driver- an eighteen year old, aspiring country music singer who made only $40 a week as a deliveryman for crown electric had saved up four dollars to sing and play guitar as a late birthday present for his mother. A woman by the name of Marion Keisker made conversation with the young man. “What kind of singer are you?” She asked him. “I sing all kinds,” he said. “Well, who do you sound like?” she asked. “I don’t sound like nobody,” he replied. “Do you sing hillbilly?” she asked. “Yeah, I sing hillbilly,” he said. “Well, what hillbilly do you sound like?” she asked. “I don’t sound like nobody,” he said.
It was at last the young man’s turn. Ms. Keisker went to the back of the studio to get everything setup and decided to stay back and listen to him sing. For his first number, he chose “My Happiness,” a popular song sung by the Ink spots, and for the his second number, “That’s When your Heart Ache Begins.” On both songs he accompanied himself on guitar. While performing his first number Ms Keisker was very impressed and secretly recorded the last part of the first song and all of the second song. The Monday morning she gave the tape to Sam Phillips her boss and president of Sun Records. Phillips was very impressed with the young man’s voice. Who would have thought that this silly little recording would soon make a young man the “King of Rock N’ Roll!”
On January 8, 1935, Gladys and Vernon Presley gave birth to a stillborn to whom they gave the name Jesse and 35 minutes later gave birth to his identical twin Elvis Aaron Presley. Elvis was born in East Tupelo Mississippi and was raised by his mother and father who were extremely over protective of him and taught him to be very well behaved and polite.
From a very young age Elvis showed evidence of having an exceptional singing talent. By the age of eight he was singing hymns with his mother and father at camp meetings, revivals, and at the Sunday morning services of the First assembly of God Church.
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