Elsa Schiaparelli: The "Poor" Fashion Designer

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Elsa Schiaparelli, an extremely talented, Italian fashion designer, gave beautiful, curvy women a perfect glow with her shocking pink and ice-cold blue dresses. Schiaparelli’s name remains unknown to the world while a large amount of her overrated competitors receive much credit for little effort. Schiaparelli strived for success through her new inventions, her film wardrobes, her irresistible perfumes, and her unique dresses while still being placed at the bottom of the fashion totem pole.

Schiaparelli was born in Rome, Italy and started her career as a script writer in the United States before she moved to Paris to begin her life as a fashion designer. Elsa was known for her use of bold colors within each design (Info). She was first recognized in the fashion business with her sweater designed that featured a tromp l'oi scarf around the neckline. This lovely design was seen in Vogue magazine. Schiaparelli was the first to use many things. With her revolutionary ideas that were always flowing through her head she managed to come up with some extremely, fabulous creations. She was the first in the fashion industry to use synthetic material, such as jersey and cellophane (About). With all of Schiaparelli’s creative designs she became very popular in Italy but still struggled with the many rivals that surrounded her.

Elsa Schiaparelli was known for many quality designs but still she had to deal with her very talented rivals. Coco Chanel was Elsa’s biggest competitor. Both raging fashion designers dominated fashion during the first two world wars. (Museum) Coco and Elsa may have been equally talented but today Schiaparelli still remains unknown while Chanel still is displayed as one of the most popular Italian fashion design...

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