Elon Tesla Case Study

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The real-life Tony Stark is revolutionizing the car industry. Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has started building all electric cars and SUVs and they are taking over the electric vehicle market. Although electric vehicles have been around for a while, Elon Musk and Tesla are the first to create an attractive car that gets fantastic range. Previous electric cars had odd proportions, did not get good range, or were unreasonably priced. Tesla now offers a solution to these issues. With an increase in government regulation and environmental awareness, electric vehicles are growing in popularity; Tesla is and will continue to be the leader in electric vehicles because of their innovation, technological advancements, and brand recognition among the population.…show more content…
Tesla has instituted the use of battery packs, screens, and even autonomous driving features that help them stay ahead of the competition and improve on previous technologies. Although battery packs have been used to power other electric vehicles, Tesla’s new developments have been revolutionizing. Katie Fehrenbacher, former writer for the Economist, CNN, the BBC, and the New York Times, writes in her Fortune article, “The not-so-geeky result of that new 100 kilowatt-hour battery pack are cars that can accelerate more quickly and can drive for longer on a single charge. This milestone isn’t just another notch on Tesla’s belt. It shows how as Tesla continues to innovate, it’s leading the auto industry, and it’s far ahead of competitors when it comes to developing electric car battery technology,” (Fehrenbacher). Tesla has improved on its battery chemistry to further the range of their cars, and even increase acceleration. The new battery will be introduced into the Model X, their SUV, and the Model S, their sedan and will keep the electric range of those vehicles much higher than the competition. The other benefit of electric vehicles is the immediate availability of power and torque. Tesla has taken advantage of this physics phenomenon and stored 792 pound feet of torque in their sportiest model, the Tesla Model S P100D. This car was tested by Motor Trend, one of the world’s…show more content…
They dominate sales and even speed records, previously held by full fledged sports cars. Tesla has invested generous amounts of resources to develop their current technology and will continue to innovate in the future. They have incorporated new batteries that improve range far past any of its competitors, and even added a 17” touch screen to modernize their vehicles. In addition, Tesla is the pioneer in autonomous driving. They have introduced the hardware necessary for this feature in all of their vehicles, and are just waiting on the government to approve of fully autonomous driving. Moreover, the name “Tesla” itself has spread throughout the population. No money has been spent on advertising yet they have hundreds of thousands of people lined up to buy their cars. Tesla is, and will continue to be the best electric vehicle manufacturer for the foreseeable
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