Elle Baker's Nursing Philosophy On The Nursing Metaparadigm

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Elle Baker’s Nursing Philosophy I am pursuing nursing because it is a combination of helping and teaching others, applying science, and giving back to society- all while making a good, secure living with plenty of options. To me, the core of nursing is to help patients feel better physically and emotionally as much as possible. In my mind, nursing should focus on improving health and quality of life for patients, both by directly caring for them and by doing research and advocacy. My vision for myself is that as a nurse, I will learn to balance quality with efficiency, to take care of patients comprehensively, to be a good teammate, and to promote the integrity of healthcare.
Discussion of My Philosophy on the Nursing Metaparadigm The Person. People have physical and emotional needs. Although a patient’s physical needs may be more urgent sometimes, their emotional needs (such
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A patient is not entirely “healthy” or “sick;” a patient may be healthy in some ways but sick in others. “Health” is subjective in that what works for one patient might harm another. Health is not just related to the state of the body but also is influenced by emotions and the environment. The Environment. The patient’s environment includes living conditions, family, society, and culture- it is both physical and emotional. Toxic relationships can harm a patient just like pollution or malnutrition. Protecting both the natural and social environments takes integrity and teamwork: good teammates cultivate the social environment by supporting each other, and they hold each other accountable for being ecologically responsible. Nursing. Nurses need to promote integrity by holding themselves and each other accountable for acting ethically. In addition to helping each other complete nursing tasks, nurses also need to support each other emotionally and to help each other learn. This promotes the best outcomes for everyone, while growing the credibility of the field of
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